August Minutes 2017

KES School Governance Council

Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2017


I.  Roll Call

Members Present: Teresa Conowal, Hillary Mullinax, Dana Fowler, Will Baldwin,

Andrea Grizzle, Amanda Sheffield, Jill Geraghty

Members Absent: None


II.  Approval of July meeting minutes – postponed to October meeting


III.  Old Business



IV.  New Business

            2017-18 Officer Elections

                        Chairperson: Jill Geraghty

                        Motion by: Andrea Grizzle

Second by: Dana Fowler

# members voted in favor to approve: all


Vice Chair: Will Baldwin

Motion by: Hillary Mullinax

Second by: Amanda Sheffield

# members voted in favor to approve: all


PTO Domino’s Discount Card Fundraiser: amendment to previously approved request

Motion by: Andrea Grizzle

Second by: Will Baldwin

                        # members voted in favor to approve: all


Frozen Frenzy Fundraiser

            Once per quarter (toward end of quarter as a reward) – dates have been calendared; school

will manage and promote; collect money in advance


Motion by: Amanda Sheffield

Second by: Andrea Grizzle

# members voted in favor to approve: all


** Teresa to provide contact name of business owner (Kim Bennett has worked with him)


Grade-level Field Trips

            County to provide list of approved field trips that are currently under review


** Teresa will discuss at October meeting


School Improvement Plan:

County provided template three weeks ago; school submission deadline 9/1

Literacy focused


** Teresa will discuss at October meeting


Teachers/Student Ratios:

  • 417 students currently enrolled Pre-K - Fifth grade
  • Pre-K (2 classes): 22/1 teacher plus 1 para
  • Kindergarten (3 classes): 20/1 teacher plus 1 para
  • First Grade (3 classes): 18/1
  • Second Grade (2 classes): 22/1
  • Third Grade (3 classes): 22/1
  • Fourth Grade (3 classes): 27/1
  • Fifth Grade (3 classes): 23/1
  • 59 total KES staff members (including SRO, speech service personnel, etc.)
  • 8 student teachers


    KES has capacity for up to 700 students; green area outside 5th grade door available for “expandable pod”; new apartment complex by Kroger plus continued growth in our area of the district is likely to increase KES enrollment by several hundred students in next few years; Dr. Gibbs very aware of elementary school enrollments and will redistrict if needed


    Digital Citizenship Update

                All students K-5 had lessons on digital citizenship and cyber security upon roll out of

                            iPads; Lessons included proper email/text language; online respect; how to do “safe”

    searches; teachers are monitoring devices with access to all students’ screens and ability to lock down all devices


    Proposed SGC Meeting Dates for 2017-18:

    Thursday, October 19th at 3:00 pm

    Thursday, January 18th at 3:00 pm

    Thursday, March 22nd at 3:00 pm

    Thursday, May 17th at 3:00 pm

    Thursday, June 21st at 3:00 pm


    Motion by: Andrea Grizzle

    Second by: Hillary Mullinax

    # members voted in favor to approve: all


    *What would the council like to know more about this year?

                            Teresa: The purpose of SGC is to give input into decisions KES is making for our students

    Teresa wants input from the Council as parents and business members:

                                        How is KES addressing a (any) problem?

                                        Is KES aware of a (any) problem?

                                        How is KES challenging students?


                            Andrea and Amanda suggested supporting local charitable efforts through student

    fundraisers such as pay $? on Fridays for “hat day”; canned food drives

                            ** Andrea/Amanda to provide a list of suggested projects at October meeting


                            Andrea raised concerns over lice problem in 3rd grade (and school wide)

                                        Nurse Terri is monitoring

                                        School to provide a class for teachers on how to manage/store students’ things

    (bookbags, coats, etc.) to combat spread

                                        County health liaison will assist with chronic health issue cases (such as students

    identified with ongoing lice problem)

                            ** Teresa will invite Nurse Terri to discuss lice control plan at October meeting


    V.  Citizen Comments



    VI.  Topics for October meeting:

  • School Improvement Plan
  • MyOn Literacy data base – Hillary to present on details
  • MAP assessment for K-5 students
  • Student Goal Setting & Monitoring
  • Lice control plan (Nurse Terri)


VII.  Adjournment

Motion by: Will Baldwin

Second by: Andrea

            # members voted in favor to approve: all

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