April Minutes 2018

KES School Governance Council

Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2018


I.  Call to order: 3:06 p.m.

Roll Call - Members Present: Teresa Conowal, Hillary Mullinax, Andrea Grizzle, Will

Baldwin, Amanda Sheffield, Jill Geraghty; Absent: Dana Fowler


II.  Approval of March meeting minutes

            Motion by: Andrea Grizzle

            Second by: Will Baldwin

            # members voted in favor to approve: all


III.  Old Business

            Staff positions for next year:

                        Pre-K:  Hess, Phines

K: Gaddis, Morawsky, Abercrombie

1: Moore, Sanford, Wright

2: S.Tankerskley, Edmondson, Johnson

3: Chappell, Tucker

4: A. Tankersley, Brubaker, Parker

5: Martin, Fowler, Wagner (need eight more students in order to add fourth teacher)

SPED: Burks, Bennett, Stewart, Palmer


            School start times:

                        Elementary as previously proposed – 8:10 a.m. (doors open at 7:50 a.m.)

                        MS/JHS/HS will remain same as current schedule – 7:40 a.m. (doors open at 7:20 a.m.)

                        BOE votes in May


IV.  New Business

            Schoolwide Data Report


      • Winter always reflects a drop in scores



      • Needs to have additional prep options for more advanced students
      • Planning to address gaps in lower grade reading levels
        • Second grade doesn’t hit the deep comprehension so that will be back up further into K-2
      • Lexile level targets will be raised
      • Writing and reading initiatives will help
      • Intensive interventions earlier for reading
      • Mrs. Fowler to provide training on Common Lit as she is highly successful with implementation

                                    **CommonLit.org – engaging online passages; teacher feedback


Working toward a common assessment system (MAP or Classworks or ?) that meets the most needs and provides benchmarks and consistent, actionable data



  • Discipline referrals decreased by 111



    Upcoming School Year – new SGC

    Nominations for parent reps open until May 4

    Nomination for business rep – considering appointment – Kara Zajac, Nature’s Way Chiro

    Schoolwide vote week of May 7


    School Improvement Plan

    CNA (Comprehensive Needs Assessment) Feedback

  • Council members provided individual feedback to Mrs. Mullinax that she will tally for overall SGC feedback summary


Title I update


V.  Citizen Comments



VI.  Topics for May 22 meeting

            GMAS data

            Master Schedule for 2018-19

            CNA results

            New SGC announced

            New structures going into place for 2018-19


VII.  Adjournment: 3:51 p.m.

Motion by: Andrea Grizzle

            Second by: Will Baldwin       

# members voted in favor to approve: all








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