Daily Procedures

Drop off begins at 7:50 AM

Students should not arrive before 7:50.  No adults are on duty to supervise students before this time.  Adults will be present as children unload vehicles after 7:50 am.  Parents will need to drop students off at the Parent Pick-up/Drop off area at the sides of the school and will not be allowed to drop students off in the bus area in the front of the school.  If you will be walking your child into the building, you must park away from the drop-off/pick-up area.  You must sign in and get a Visitor’s Pass before going to the classroom.

Any student arriving at 8:10 or later is considered tardy and must sign in at the office before entering his/her classroom. 

Instructional Day begins promptly at 8:10  AM.

Any student arriving at 8:10 or later is considered tardy and must sign in at the office before entering his/her classroom. For safety purposes, outside doors are locked @ 8:20 AM.

Afternoon Pick-up Begins at 3:05  PM

Students must be picked up from the Parent Pick-up/Drop-off area by 3:20 pm.  Parents who consistently pick their child up late will be required to meet with the principal and/or social worker for assistance in solving this problem.  Children who are left after 3:30pm will be placed in the afterschool program at the parent’s expense. For safety reasons, there will be no student checkout between 2:30-3:05 PM.


Any change in your child’s usual departure arrangements must be made in writing to the teacher.  The note must be signed and dated.  A student must ride his or her assigned bus unless he/she has a written note clearly explaining the change. 

Early Dismissal

We encourage you to pick up your child early only for medical reasons or emergencies so that students don’t miss important instructional time. 

Students will be released only to those indicated on the student information sheet.  That person must sign the child out through the office and may be asked to show a photo identification.  Please notify the office in writing of any changes your student’s information sheet.

Students are released from the office only.  Please do not go to your child’s classroom to check him/her out.


School attendance is critical because it underscores the significance of learning and the importance of obtaining an education in our society.  It teaches responsibility, instills a work ethic, and helps develop good habits that will carry over to other aspects of life. 

Good attendance determines, to a large extent, a student’s level of success in school.
  If you know your child will be absent, please call the school.  An attempt will be made to call you if your child is absent and the school has not been notified.

Returning From An Absence

When returning from an absence, a student must bring a written note within 3 days from the parent to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence.  Excused absences include:
•    Personal illness
•    Death or serious illness in the immediate family
•    Religious holidays observed by your faith
•    Absences mandated by order of governmental agencies
Work missed due to an excused absence must be made up within 3 school days including homework and test.  This means tests may have to be made up during the student’s recess time.


Homework is a necessary tool in the educational process.  We feel that homework is vital to reinforce class work, provide extra skill practice, and help prepare for tests.  Homework will come directly from skills taught in class.  Homework may be made up at recess.  Since homework will have an effect on students’ grades, students and parents should take it seriously.  Types and amounts of homework will vary from grade to grade.

Valuables/Personal Items

Only necessary items requested by the teachers should be brought to school.  The school is not responsible for items that are brought to school, even when taken up by school personnel.  It is the responsibility of the parent to come by the office to get these items.
If a parent is unsure of whether an item should be brought to school, it is a good idea to check with the teacher.
There will be no trading, buying, or selling among students.

Dress Code

Any dress that interferes with the school day or is lewd or obscene will be prohibited.  This may include, but is not limited to, heavy chains, see-through clothing, dangling earrings, bare midriff, sagging pants, and inappropriate footwear.  Logos and words relating to violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or including vulgar language may not be worn to school.  The interpretation will be left to the teacher and/or staff’s discretion.  Hats are not to be worn by either boys or girls in the building.  Exceptions are made on certain days for special occasions.
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